Photo Jan 01, 6 12 33 PM(Latin, “root”)


One thought on “Radix

  1. In one of my inboxes just today before looking at your entries, a pattern to knit a shawl with undulating shapes…very similar imho to what i see here (that’s meant positively and not as a criticism.) Both containing patterning tied to nature – the shawl – water, yours – earth. I love how you chose to depict the “roots” horizontally and not vertically – you know, the “normal/right way.” Interesting you say in it “all things must end” as you also touch on this topic, again imho, with your “happy/joyous” “phoenix” picture and Lawrence poem. Would love to see how you might depict the second half of the Lawrence poem…beyond the surface symbol of the bird. Dig deep and depict the rebirthing he talks about. It’s quite emotionally graphic/raw/personal. I choose those words intentionally instead of “vulnerable.”

    Happy to be here! I’m visual so I really like what you and Marcy do.!



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