I have come to the realization that I am prone to frilly writing.

Photo Feb 13, 12 08 04 PM (3)

It’s not really a matter of floral diction or elaborate prose.

Rather, where most people write linearly…

Photo Feb 13, 12 08 04 PM

…I instead have the habit of making parenthetical asides…

Photo Feb 13, 12 08 04 PM (1)

…so at length…

Photo Feb 13, 12 08 04 PM (2)



One thought on “Quip

  1. If i’m not doing writing-writing, I have a friend that says he loves the emails I send (at least before his Parkinson’s.”) He termed it “stream of conciousness” writing & like going for a Sunday ride. I know the eventual destination but the reader/rider (and even myself sometimes!) doesn’t see how what may seem like tangents actually tie into the destination (always) and that I do get the reader/rider to the intended destination. He’s figured that out and to just trust me. So, I guess my writing could be similarly depicted. It’s different with writing-writing where you may have a 200 word limit. Then, things have to be sparse – take your “roots” painting, flip it upright and prune, prune, prune and “kill your darlings” as a famous writer once advised. I have to do exactly that right now to a note to a new mom in her card before I send it.


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